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The story of New York Pizzeria starts in the old country. Italy was left in rubble after World War 2, and as the nation was rebuilt, the traditional Italian life began to change. The exposure to American sensibilities led my parents, Franco and Giovanna Vezza, to consider the vast economic opportunities available in America. Eventually, in the 1960s, they left their home for the United States, seeking their own American dream.

After immigrating to the U.S., my parents worked hard and raised a family. In 1995, we accomplished our goal of having our own business, purchasing a stake in New York Pizzeria in Richfield Springs from our longtime family friend Lorenzo Pumilia. With Lorenzo’s knowledge of the pizza business, and help from current-day manager Patrick Sutton, pizza has been at the center of our life ever since.

14 years after we started out in Richfield Springs, we decided to expand the business. We opened Cooperstown’s New York Pizzeria in 2009 and appointed Arthur Boden general manager. Arthur brought over 20 years of experience in the food service industry. Under his direction, New York Pizzeria has been able to make a successful transition into our new market. As was the case when we first took over the location in Richfield Springs, our family has been welcomed warmly into the Cooperstown community.

Today, with our dedication to great food, friendly service, and affordable prices, the New York Pizzeria brand is recognized throughout Otsego County. Now firmly established as one of the Leatherstocking region’s top pizzerias, the New York Pizzeria family invites you to come in and have lunch or dinner with us, where you will always feel at home.  - Joseph Vezza